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Hi there, Welcome to Middlesex Explorer. I am Linda Williams, Middlesex blogger (aka ÆLFREDA OF MIDDLESEX). I am also site administrator of the Middlesex Directory www.middlesexdirectory.com

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I grew up in the 70s and 80s in Middlesex and have lived here throughout my life.  In my early years most of my day to day existence pretty much revolved around a small corner of North West Middlesex – areas such as Burnt Oak, Queensbury, Kenton, Kingsbury and Belmont Circle.   Sometimes I did venture into deepest Middlesex to places such as Hampstead, Soho, Hoxton or Tower Hamlets.   Little did I realise in those days that London is in the capital county of Middlesex and these areas were in fact part of it.

As a child but I often wondered about the countries on the pages in my atlas.  I became a collector of stamps and felt sure that some of the beautiful images on them must come from some pretty special places.

Finally, at the age of 23 I made it across the Channel to France.  Since then I have not looked back aiming to visit a new country each year having been fortunate enough to visit 31+ countries.  My travels have led me to places as diverse as the Silk Route, the Sinai desert, the Buriganga River and Hobbiton.  It is my dream to visit as many of the countries in the world as possible in my lifetime so I have a lot of travelling still to do.

During my spare time I love exploring my own backyard.  Middlesex is an exciting and vibrant county with a multitude of cultural influences from around the globe that are here to be appreciated from stunning architecture, music, art and theatre to almost any type of world cuisine you can imagine.

One of my great loves when travelling or exploring my own locality is to go to places a little off the beaten track as you will often find the most worthwhile experiences in these places.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this blog and that it may just make you curious to explore some of Middlesex for yourself.







  1. HFM

    Hi Linda, I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful website, lauding some of the best things about our intriguing county. I’ve lived in Middlesex all my life, (Rayners Lane), and have a particularly keen interest in what is now known as the Zoroastrian Centre. I have fond memories of it as a cinema when I was a child, remembering the queues on a wet Saturday morning that would extend the entire length of the building outside. Earlier this year I also attended the Open Day 2015. I’d been desperate to get back inside for many years; Art Deco pleasure palaces are of deep importance to me. It was nice to see how beautifully restored the building is now that it’s the Zoroastrian headquarters, though I do feel sad that Rayners Lane’s most significant building is not accessible to the general public through most of the year. Recently I can’t stop dreaming of the terrible closure of the library. If only we could have saved it. It was the last place here that gave people of all ages something to do.
    Anyway, I’m impressed with the level of detail you go into about each of the places you visit. Many thanks for this little gem! Best, Helen

    • 1user1admin

      Thanks for your kind comments, Helen. I’m really pleased you’re enjoying the blog. I am looking forward to discovering more interesting and unusual things about our wonderful County of Middlesex in 2016 and, of course, sharing them on Middlesex Explorer. My best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas!

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