The Olympic Torch sparks flames of controversy as bearers make a packet on Ebay

The Olympic Torch relay reaches Middlesex on Tuesday 24th July, three days before the opening ceremony on the 27th.

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National newspapers reported today that Olympic torches and flame bearers’ uniforms have been put up for sale on Ebay even before they have been used in the relay.   One listing attracted bids of around £7,000.  The torches cost just £215 to buy whilst bearers who won their places through sponsorship were given the torches for free.

Maybe we are becoming less sentimental about keeping souvenirs of significant events in our lives – and more likely to cash in to make quick cash?  Are the days when people kept dusty boxes of old photos and mementos in their attics long gone?   Could we live to regret not taking the time to keep a reminder of those major landmarks in our life?

A friend of mine who is into both feng shui and minimalist interior design once tried to convert me to her cause but I am one of those who like to horde.  If I was taking part in the relay and receiving a torch I would probably keep it in a box in a cupboard for the next 30 years.  There is a joy to re-discovering things once important but long since forgotten – but also the risk of turning into an old eccentric whose home becomes uninhabitable due to endless piles of possessions acquired or actually being crushed to death by one of many mounds of things which may just come in handy one day!





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