The Science Museum may come to Old Oak Common

Rumours of the proposed development of a new building for The Science Museum at the land to be developed at Old Oak Common – currently the site of car dealership – Cargiant next to the Grand Union Canal were widely reported in London newspapers last week.

Though no formal announcement has been made, if the reports are true this could be exciting news.  It is not often that a new museum comes into existence especially to Middlesex/West London.

The Science Museum has a huge archive of 170,000 objects in 90 storerooms (stored in Blythe House, Olympia) which are not generally accessible to the public so the development of the new building would provide a new arena to display these items ranging from beautifully crafted early telescopes to stone age tools.

Lets hope that the new development to be known as Old Oak Park contains some affordable housing. It would be a shame to create a new Museum that is not at the heart of a real community of all different types of people that is easily accessible – rather than something in the middle of a billionaires row that people have spend money to travel to visit and pay high admission costs to get into.




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